Anastasiou Microbrewery in Chalandri

LOCATION : Chalandri
SURFACE (SQM) : 60 sq.m.

The team of MECHA Engineering completed the construction of the main facility of Anastasiou Brewery.

The project was very interesting but also very different from our usual projects.

Mr. Anastasiou wanted to create in a small space the production of his own beer with the main feature of practicality and elegance. So the bet was to build a production site that is friendly and pleasant to a visitor who wants to drink his beer next to the barrel that is produced!

After many designs and different layouts we came up with the linear placement of the production units in order to achieve a panoramic presentation of the beer production equipment with the possibility for the visitor to observe the whole brewing process up close.

The equipment consists of an 800 liter brewery and tanks with a total capacity of 3750 liters. The basic equipment is completed by a refrigeration machine that has been skillfully placed behind the wooden construction located in the courtyard of the installation. In addition, the brewery has its own malt mill, the barrel washing station and a small office space to record the necessary measurements of the machines.

The walls were covered with brick, and on the floor we chose a combination of cement tile and epoxy paint. The roof is dominated by wooden beams giving a rustic feel.

Lights play an important role in the atmosphere of the space. We chose 2 lighting scenarios:

The visit scenario has many small spots with lamps in warm color so that we have the appropriate lighting for a visit to the space but also to emphasize the special features of the space.

The production scenario where 4 high-power luminaires were installed but without offending the character of the space they make night and day!

The exterior space is also lined with Iroquois wood in a dark shade with the logo dominating the small exterior wall.

What is certain is that we have created a unique place where you can get your beer at the neighboring Local Pub and enjoy it in the place where it was produced! Take a walk in the “Largest small brewery of Halandri” and enjoy 9 different local beer recipes!

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