Apartment renovation in Argiroupoli

LOCATION : Argiroupoli
SURFACE (SQM) : 80 sq.m.

The new renovation project, an apartment of 80 sq.m. Built in the late 1970s, it was the new challenge for the Mecha team.

After selecting the final design through various proposals of 3D photorealistic models, the tasks performed were:

Demolition of interior masonry to create the new open space of kitchen and living room and dining room, dismantling of old closets, doors, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

New heating network using wall-mounted Daikin gas boiler with new bodies of internal loop radiators panel type by Purmo.

New water supply and sewerage network with multilayer pipes Valsir and PVC 6atm respectively, with hot water from both a solar water heater and the wall-mounted Daikin gas boiler via a three-way solenoid valve.

New electrical installation with new panel, with installation of data network, installation of Paradox alarm with touch screen and Schneider socket.

Construction of plasterboard ceilings in living room-dining room with perimeter darkness, linear lighting and ceiling spot.

Laying hexagonal tiles in a gray shade in the kitchen area, which penetrates and becomes one with polished semi-solid wood flooring in the living room and dining room.

Construction of a new kitchen with doors in matt lacquer paint with return mechanisms and brakes and a bakelite counter.

Construction of two new sliding wardrobes in the bedrooms, as well as new interior doors.

Construction of a new bathroom, with new sanitary ware of Ideal Standard and Geberit wall-mounted cistern.

The colors (double trowels) in pal shades gave a modern and cheerful style to a once hazy setting and highlighted the diversity of each room.

Finally, a new security door of the Siamo company was installed with veneer lining.

Tips: The special tile that was placed on the back and the floor of the kitchen, which in combination with the wooden floor gave a special tone to the modern kitchen and matched the new look of the new living room.

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