Apartment renovation in Nea Smyrni

LOCATION : Nea Smyrni
SURFACE (SQM) : 70 sq.m.

The renovation of an apartment of 70 sq.m. has just been completed. in the area of ​​Nea Smyrni.

The design aimed to create a flexible apartment with the provision for a future 2nd bedroom, but without losing the living room as a whole.

A new oak floor was installed which was the warm base of the apartment. The walls and the upholstery in the living room were moved in white colors, with the new frames and security door in shades of gray giving elements of intensity to the space.

The lighting design played a major role in this renovation. Ceilings with hidden lighting and black recesses were created, which contained a combination of linear lamps and spots, external spots were placed in the corridor, a rail for directed lighting in the kitchen and finally sconces for soft lighting. The variety of lighting fixtures composes different “scenarios” of lighting depending on the use of each space and the mood of the owner.

In the bathroom area, white marble tiles with soft water, gave light and dimension to the bathroom. The detail of the oak furniture with the black metal rail is typical, which connects the aesthetics of the bathroom space with the rest of the house.

The new modern charcoal kitchen and the tiled back in brick effect, give a contrast in relation to the living room and a more industrial character in the apartment.

In the bedroom, which moves in more earthy and quiet tones, a new sliding wardrobe with mirror leaves and a dark frame was placed in continuation of the general aesthetics.

The play of materials and color contrasts, created an urban industrial space that fully covers the current and future needs of the owner.

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