Apartment renovation in Marousi

LOCATION : Marousi
SURFACE (SQM) : 85 sq.m.

The complete renovation of a modern apartment in Maroussi was recently completed by Mecha. Guided by the needs of the owners for usable spaces and their aesthetic minimal mood, the architectural team created a comfortable, practical and elegant space inspired by the Scandinavian style. Light gray, minimalist furniture, pastel and neutral colors offered a pleasant atmosphere in the family combining simplicity with elegance and of course functionality.

The 96 sq.m. apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living room with dining area and an open plan kitchen with islet.

The design team essentially divided the floor plan into two zones, maintaining the autonomy of the rooms, in relation to the common areas, which serve the residents and the visitors.

Upon entering the apartment you are in the living room and dining area. You are pleasantly overwhelmed by the natural light that enters through the large openings and highlights the purity of the furniture lines.

The contrast created with the other natural and light tones offers intensity keeping the whole united.

The open kitchen, designed exactly to the needs of the owners, is a pleasant, everyday meeting place for family members. The eucalyptus green in the color of the kitchen, comes to be combined with the Salt & Pepper Kerock counter and to give a unique image.

The personal bathroom of the family follows the same aesthetics. The predominant colors are gray with white and the oak details on the sink furniture. The pattern of decorative tiles placed in a double fishbone arrangement completes the result.

At the same wavelength we have all-white doors with hidden frame (less) throughout the corridor, creating a continuum and a single result.

The style of the walls in absolute white creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere and has a nice contrast with the gray of the floor that extends to the outdoors.

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