Complete house renovation in Nea Erythraia

LOCATION : Nea Erythraia
SURFACE (SQM) : 140 sq.m.

This project was about the complete renovation of a maisonette with a basement in Nea Erythraia, built in 1980, with the aim of meeting the modern needs of a family of four.

The basement includes the auxiliary spaces with the garage, on the ground floor there is the entrance of the residence, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The ground floor also includes an auxiliary wc.

Going up to the first floor there are two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, and the Master bedroom which has its own private bathroom.

The problem with the original layout was the separation of the now unified spaces, with walls that limited the diffusion of light.

By removing two partition walls, the space of the entrance, dining room, kitchen and living room are no longer isolated from each other, while they create a single bright space, in an open-plan arrangement.

In the ground floor area, there is a single recess in the ceiling with hidden lighting that aims to give depth, to connect but also to separate at the same time, the single space of the ground floor.

The wooden floor was removed and a new monoplank, pre-polished, semi-solid was installed in order to have a warm and timeless effect.

For the same reason the wooden coverings on the staircase and on the first floor were also replaced in order to maintain continuity in all areas of the residence.

The new layout of the spaces offer the owners a new living experience guided by their real functional daily needs.


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