Extension of Anastasiou Microbrewery in Chalandri

LOCATION : Chalandri
SURFACE (SQM) : 65 sq.m.

The production increased and Mr. Anastasiou assigned us the expansion of the “Largest small brewer of Halandri”.

The recipe had to stay the same so that the 2 stores had common recognizable features. The same type of brick was used and all the walls of the new production area were covered. Cement tile of Marazzi company was placed on the floor and black supports were made on the roof for the necessary support of the pipes.

This space houses 6 new stainless steel tanks of 500 liters each, which undertake the fermentation of up to 6 different beer recipes. For the needs of the maintenance of the final product, a cooling chamber of 6 square meters was constructed so that it can accept the necessary amount of beer barrels ready for consumption!

In lighting we kept the same logic as the previous store. 3 high-power luminaires were installed for the necessary lighting during the production, as well as 10 spot lighting luminaires to give a “sweeter” feeling of the space during the evening hours.

Additionally, an office space was built in the attic of the store as well as a small kitchen for the tasting needs that are planned to be done in the store.

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