Apartment renovation in Chalandri

LOCATION : Chalandri
SURFACE (SQM) : 105 sq.m.
PROJECT DELIVERY : November 2016

The depicted apartment 105sq.m. It was built in the late 1970s and although the masonry has been preserved in its original position, the final look of the space bears no resemblance to the hazy apartment we first saw.

After selecting the final design through various proposals of photorealistic 3d models, the work performed was as follows:

Dismantling of old closets, doors, kitchen, windows as well as the bathroom and WC.

New water supply and sewerage network with laminated pipes and pvc 6atm respectively.

New electrical installation with central panel, with installation of data network, installation of Paradox alarm and ABB socket switching material.

Replacement of frames with those of the company Alumil series M11.000 and S350 with thermal break and energy crystals.

Construction of plasterboard ceilings in living room, dining room and kitchen with perimeter hidden lighting and linear recessed respectively.

Construction of plasterboard shelving compositions in living room and in both bedrooms to serve the needs of storage of books and other decorations with emphasis on lighting either through spots or through linear led.

Maintenance of existing marble floor of the living room and balcony.

Construction of a new kitchen in a classic style, with solid wooden doors and countertops, with various return mechanisms and brakes.

Construction of an opening and a sliding wardrobe in the master and the youth room respectively, as well as new interior cpl doors with sandblasting crystals.

Construction of a bathroom and a WC with new sanitary ware of Ideal Standard built-in and not, with glass bathtub and ceiling lighting through recessed spots and perimeter hidden using led tape.

Finally, the colors (double trowels) in various earthy and lively shades gave the renewed and cheerful look to the apartment and highlighted the uniqueness of each space separately.

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