House renovation in Ampelokipoi

LOCATION : Ampelokipoi
SURFACE (SQM) : 70 sq.m.

The current renovation undertaken by our company concerns an apartment in the area of ​​Ampelokipi, with a total area of ​​107.00 sq.m.

The interventions that were made, were aimed at the preservation of old elements of the house while with the addition of new high quality materials, to offer a renewed and functional image for the owners.

 The marble floors were maintained while any damaged areas were replaced with new marble of the same type. With the polishing and the crystallization, the floor obtained the desired result that makes it more durable over time, and without any obvious difference between the connection of the old and the new.

Maintenance was also done on the wooden floors of the bedrooms, achieving its restoration.

Clean, geometric lines gave a complete transformation to the central fireplace around which the living room is formed, while the Kourasanit style gave the required intensity to the space.

The floor and wall tiles of the bathroom were completely replaced, in more classic lines to come in continuity with the existing elements of the house, while in selected surfaces the patterns, the hidden lighting, and the wooden furniture with the clean geometric lines gave a more modern design.

Emphasis was placed on the correct choice of colors, furniture and lighting of each space for a more careful modern but at the same time timeless image.

Daikin products were selected for the air conditioning and space heating and an appropriate study was made to fully cover all the required heating and cooling needs of the premises.


Expressions of interest

We chose Mecha Engineering for the renovation of our apartment, a decision that proved to be extremely correct! The cooperation with Filippos was excellent, he is an excellent professional, consistent and honest. All the crews were very good and really everything we asked for was done as we had imagined!
Lina P. - Google review

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