House renovation in Chalandri

LOCATION : Chalandri
SURFACE (SQM) : 110 sq.m.
PROJECT DELIVERY : September 2018

Another house was the project completed in the area of ​​Halandri by the Mecha team.

This is an apartment of 120 sq.m. is located in a four-storey apartment building built in the early 80’s. The renovation was complete and the result is expected ….

New ideas, new spaces and new materials composed the style of the house that serves the needs of a family of four.

In relation to the pre-existing situation, one of the dominant changes was the union of the kitchen with the living room and dining area in a space with plenty of natural light.

The bedrooms remained at a distance from the living areas to the uncovered plot so that there is the necessary privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment.

The use of oak wood as a timeless material in all areas of the house brought the absolute “warmth” to the family.

In the bathroom and the toilet marble and tile work to create simple and fully functional spaces.

Remarkable are the surgeries that were performed outside the house. The perimeter of the apartment was shielded with the use of external thermal insulation, which in combination with the new energy thermal insulation frames and the use of an autonomous heating system with a wall-mounted natural gas boiler, raised the classification of the property energetically.

For the needs of the renovation, the following works were performed in more detail:

Demolition of floors, dismantling of old closets, doors, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

New water supply and sewerage installation.

Complete renovation of the bathroom, with new built-in sanitary ware of the Italian La Torre, Geberit wall-mounted cistern and bathroom cabin.

New electrical installation with new panel, with installation of data network. Installation of Paradox alarm system.

New heating network with Daikin gas boiler system with new Dura external loop radiator bodies.

Replacement of frames with the new Europa 8000 thermal insulation frames with heavy duty shutters.

Installation of a new semi-solid wood floor throughout the house

Installation of new interior doors and cabinets with damping mechanisms and brakes.

Construction of plasterboard ceiling with spot and hidden lighting in living room, dining room and kitchen.

Construction of a new kitchen with acrylic glossy doors and a counter made of white bakelite.

Installation of armored security door.

The result was completed with the soft off-white colors of Vivechrom that highlighted the modern form that this apartment took.

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