House renovation in Kifissia

LOCATION : Kifissia
SURFACE (SQM) : 170 sq.m.

The new project of our company concerned the renovation of a house, 170sqm in the area of ​​Kifissia. The house, built in 1975, was completely renovated and all the spaces were modified to meet the needs of the new owners.

All the interior walls were dismantled to create the new spaces according to the architectural study by The new spaces that emerged are an open plan living room with a kitchen and dining area, a guest room, and a complete master bedroom with an impressive wardrobe and bathroom. Another complete bathroom and a WC were also created.

This project was made entirely with special specifications in all the works and materials used. After the construction of the new interior masonry, the hydraulic and electrical works took place. In the plumbing works, new water supply and sewerage pipes were installed, and a new heating and cooling network was constructed with a fan coil and heat pump.

Then we proceeded with the special plasterboard constructions, the installation of an energy fireplace, the installation of external and internal thermal insulation on all the perimeter walls.

Although, in a common project we would have reached the end, in this case we had just begun. First in line was the floor. The floor was made with pressed cement mortar throughout the house. In the room and the corridor, it was made a “carpet” from a wooden pre-polished semi-solid wood floor. The balconies and the marble legs were lined both with pressed cement mortar. Only at one point, there was no press and that was in the bathrooms. But there was the imposing 3-meter tile that covered the entire wall from floor to ceiling. The other bathroom was lined with “conventional” Italian tiles with interesting recesses and batteries in black.

The kitchen of the apartment is Italian with lacquered doors. A white Corian was placed on the kitchen counter. The island has cabinets and drawers on all four sides and is lined halfway with Corian and the other half with walnut. A special element that we had not encountered in any other kitchen in Greece is the “pot” battery that came directly from American culture. This battery is being placed over the hobs for easy water filling in the pots.

Finally, it is worth mentioning 2 constructions that make this house unique. The first one is the lining with walnut all over the wall of the hall. The special feature is that this construction hides an entrance closet and a large pivot hallway door which when is opened, is being “disappeared” in a recess in the wall. When the whole construction is closed, it is consistent and unified and hosts a painting by the well-known artist Costas Tsoklis.

The second construction is the master wardrobe. This wardrobe has 2 separate facing areas, one for each member of the couple. This wardrobe internally has cloakroom mechanisms that allow it to be mutated each time as needed, as all its elements are removable. The perimeter of these closets was lined with walnut slats. To access the closet there are 8 sliding doors that operate independently of each other.

The last part that we will mention is one of the most important of the construction. This is, the electromechanical installations and the heating systems of cooling as well as hot water. A DAKIN heat pump was installed to heat and cool the house. The same pump in collaboration with the Calpak solar water heater supplies the house with domestic hot water. The entire heating and cooling system, as well as hot water, are fully manageable remotely through an application. So, the user can at any time have full control of all data in the house. The whole system would not be complete without the protection of the external thermal facade that minimizes the losses in heating and cooling.

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