House renovation in Marousi

LOCATION : Marousi
SURFACE (SQM) : 95 sq.m.
PROJECT DELIVERY : September 2022

This project is about a renovation of a 95 sq.m. apartment, in a apartment building of the 70s in Marousi.

The new layout of the space creates a modern and functional space. The limited space of the apartment was utilized for the best use of the residence, considering the needs of the owners.

In this context, it was deemed necessary to unify the kitchen, living room and living room spaces, offering comfort and usability. The rest of the apartment consists of three bedrooms and one bathroom. In addition, a new small warehouse was created, which serves the common needs of the residents.

The first thing that someone sees entering the apartment, is the large open plan living space with the impressive oak semi-solid floor.

In the kitchen, the solid wooden bench is of particular interest, which is the continuation of the oak floor of the living room.

The special metal structure supporting the bench as a kitchen island gives the impression of a modern architectural element, offering practicality and storage space.

The bedrooms remain, as in the original design of the house, isolated from the living areas. The floor that was installed in the living room and the three bedrooms and aesthetically fits best with the rest of the house, is semi-solid parquet. Lacquered wardrobes and interior doors complete the high aesthetics of the apartment.

The bathroom is spacious and comfortable. New built-in sanitary ware in a black shade, floor and wall tiles, stainless steel shower cubicle with safety glass and a large veneer cabinet with tabletop sink and mirror with hidden lighting, ensure all the needs of the residents.

The work that has been done is not limited only to the aesthetic part. The residence was included in the “Save – Autonomy” program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, so it was upgraded to the A’ energy category and all the following works contributed to the achievement of this energy goal:

  • New energy thermal break windows with double energy glazing were installed.
  • A 10cm thick external thermal facade was applied.
  • A solar water heater was installed on the roof of the apartment building.

The central heating of the apartment building was cut off and an autonomous system was installed with a wall-mounted natural gas condensing boiler, which includes internal temperature compensation.

Lighting was upgraded using led lamps and energy management devices (smart home) were installed.

The overall result is a residence that stands out. The textures, the luxurious materials, the earthy and soft color palette with white dominating, give the perfect balance of the modern with the contemporary element and the elegance to dominate every space.


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