House renovation in Nea Filothei

LOCATION : Nea Filothei
SURFACE (SQM) : 70 sq.m.

Mecha’s new project is located in the center of Athens and more specifically in Nea Filothei. This is a house of 70 sq.m. of the second floor in an apartment building built in 1981.

The renovation was total, as absolutely none of the existing materials were preserved. The layout of the spaces changed as the kitchen was combined with the living room and the dining room, giving comfort to the new space, while the bedrooms and the bathroom remained in the same location.

All the plumbing and electrical supplies were made to serve the modern needs of a home that in combination with the energy upgrade the results are very impressive. There is the possibility of remote control of cooling and heating through smart systems and the use of applications that even from a smartphone it is very easy for the user to have full control of cooling or even space heating. More specifically for the heating system, a gas boiler of the company Daikin was installed, which in cooperation with the hydraulic system of intelligent management with a solar water heater achieves energy savings in terms of domestic hot water. In terms of heating, the use of a smart thermostat maintains the room temperature at the desired levels, saving maximum energy. Air conditioning units were selected for the cooling of the house, with the possibility of remote management.

The bathroom was fitted with built-in sanitary ware with furniture in natural colors from natural veneer. Hanging basin, built-in sink counter with table sink, glass shower, recesses in exterior walls and chevron tile layout contribute to the new modern bathroom.

The old marble floors were replaced with tiles measuring 60x120cm in the open plan kitchen, dining room and living room, while the same continued on the balconies so that the exterior of the house could be seen as a continuation of the interior. The bedroom area is dominated by oak semi-solid wood flooring, creating a warmer atmosphere.

In the kitchen area, the Corian counter stands out in a gray shade and the two-tone color in the doors of the Italian Colombini cuisine. The lack of knobs on the kitchen doors and the use of built-in appliances give the stigma of modern.

In the outdoor area, special emphasis was given to the insulation of the perimeter walls with the use of external thermal facade. Also, new energy-efficient thermal break frames of Europa were installed, which, in addition to the energy part, also contributed to the sound insulation of the house. New awnings were installed with electrical mechanisms and sensors so that in case of strong winds they rise automatically.

Finally, the choice of lighting and modern furniture against the background of the white color of the walls complement the radically renewed image of the apartment.

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