House renovation in Pagrati

LOCATION : Pagrati

In April 2023, another successful home renovation project was completed by the team at MECHA Engineering in the area of Pangrati.

The owners’ desires to create a modern home, seamlessly blending the living room and kitchen spaces, served as the driving force for achieving a comprehensive renovation, while also providing increased functionality in the home’s areas.

Through  three-dimensional analysis of the house, we decided to create a small yet clever pass-through to expand the kitchen cabinet space and clearly delineate the boundaries between the living room and kitchen areas.

In the living room space, we installed a customized bookshelf with metal shelves, fulfilling the owners’ desire for a large library. At the end of this bookshelf, we crafted a beautiful reading nook, offering an ideal space for relaxation and unwinding.

For the kitchen, we selected the top Italian brand Arredo3, using wooden base doors and white suspended cabinets that reach up to the ceiling, providing a sense of infinite space. The kitchen features the gola system for concealed handles, enhancing the aesthetic cleanliness. The kitchen countertop was adorned with Calacatta marble, while the backsplash was adorned with impressive rustic yellow tiles.

In the first bathroom of the house, we installed green tiles with built-in faucets and sanitary ware, creating a welcoming environment. In the second bathroom, we opted for large-scale marble tiles and separate faucets, exuding an air of luxury and sophistication. Additionally, we crafted the sink using the same marble tiles.

In terms of energy efficiency, the house was upgraded with new aluminum windows with thermal break technology, and the central heating system was replaced with a heat pump system combined with Daikin fan coils. This system provides heating and cooling to all rooms with independent thermostats, enhancing energy efficiency and residents’ comfort.

Finally, we installed flush doors with a white lacquer finish from Golden Door, accompanied by new cabinets with unified compartments and concealed internal lighting, adding a touch of functional design and elegance to the overall home.

Expressions of interest

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glass kitchen table
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green bathroom tile
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wooden bedroom weardrobe

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