Mecha Engineering offices renovation

LOCATION : Chalandri
SURFACE (SQM) : 135 sq.m.

The empty office space in Chalandri, took a new form in order to house the offices of Mecha Engineering.

In a total area of ​​135sq.m, our remodeled space houses 3 central offices, 2 workstations of the design team, a meeting room, a showroom of materials with auxiliary workstation, wc, kitchen and storage.

Radically changing the style of the office, an all-white base was created on the walls, where the black elements on the frames of the glass curtains, the surfaces of the cabinets and the individual details create contrasts without depriving the space of light.

The whole office follows an industrial aesthetic, which is complemented by the metal bases of the offices, the channels of the roof, both visible and hidden, and by the combination of the texture of cement and wood in the choice of the floor.

A strong element that stands out in the meeting space, the impressive marble black table with its metal base.

 An air conditioning system was installed on the roof with air ducts that offer the ideal temperature in each office separately.

The different lighting compositions, with combinations of dimmable linear lights, recessed spots, lighting rails and external spots complete the overall aesthetics of the space and ensure that the lighting of each space is complete and adaptable to the needs of each employee.

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