Renovation of a luxury house in Chalandri

LOCATION : Χαλάνδρι
SURFACE (SQM) : 640 τ.μ.
PROJECT DELIVERY : Σεπτέμβριος 2015

Original condition

The property we were assigned to renovate is located in Kato Chalandri. It is built in 1981 and consists of three independent houses.

The main house has an area of 450 sq.m. both auxiliary 110 sq.m. and 60 sq.m. respectively.

Inadequate maintenance was evident on the property as in many places there was intense humidity and extensive corrosion of the concrete.


After the dismantling, the intense corrosion problems of the concrete reinforcement were revealed in almost all parts of the building.

Oxidized reinforcement was revealed, rust was rubbed and anti-corrosion protection and repair mortar were applied.

Waterproofing- Thermal insulation

In all the balconies and at the end of the roof, the old mums were dismantled and first thermal insulation was installed with extruded polystyrene slabs 5 cm thick and then waterproofing with asphalt.

Marble works

New Kavala marbles were placed on all balconies. All the marble legs were changed for the installation of the new aluminum frames as well as special holes in various parts of the floor for the reception of luminaires.

The interior and exterior marbles are sanded and polished with special machines.

External insulation

The thermal insulation of the building was necessary not only to reduce heat loss but also to repair-change the exterior.

The Durosol external thermal insulation system was selected, with the installation of 5 cm thick expanded polystyrene.

FGL chrome plaster in the colors desired by the owner was chosen as the final coating.

Aluminum frames

For the installation of the frames, false frames were installed so that we have the optimal way of installation in combination with the external insulation.

Aluminum thermal break frames of S350 and M20000 series of the company ALUMIL in RAL 7006 color were installed.

Bathrooms – Kitchens

In the six bathrooms and the three kitchens of the house, a new plumbing and electrical installation was made.

Two solar water heaters 200 lt each were installed.

Finally, there was the installation of tiles in the bathrooms and the installation of false ceilings for the reception of spots.


After the repairs of all the ceilings, plasterboard ceilings with new designs and hidden lighting were installed.

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