Total house renovation in Pagrati

SURFACE (SQM) : 160 sq.m.

When our company undertakes complete renovations this result succeeds. On the 5th floor of an apartment building in Pagrati, an apartment with a view of the Acropolis was transformed into a modern and autonomous residence. The only thing we kept to remind us of the old house is the wooden floor of the living room and kitchen. The kitchen was moved to the living room, resulting in 3 comfortable bedrooms, an office space, 2 large bathrooms and a spacious living room – kitchen.

The kitchen “ties” fantastically in the open space as the hanging hood and the hidden lighting around the living room creates a sense of calm and luxury. The construction of the TV was specially studied to eliminate the unsightly cables and the colors of the furniture and the walls complete the harmony of the space. In the bathrooms, pressed cement mortar was applied to the floor and walls and in combination with the built-in taps, they create a very special result. The climbing wall made for the daily training of the youngest member of the family makes sense in the bedrooms.

An autonomous gas boiler and heating network with panel type radiators were installed for heating. For cooling, DAIKIN air conditioning was installed inside the false ceiling with the special linear TITUS nozzles. Aluminum is completely thermal break with energy glazing.

The mosaic was polished on the perimeter balcony and new awnings and planters for plants were placed.

Expressions of interest

Very good professionals, good prices and always on time. Good ideas and undertaking of the whole project with their crews and personal supervision. I highly recommend them. I did a total renovation with them in my family's apartment in Athens. Mr. Stathis Aloukos did a fantastic job. I found them on the internet!
Yannis Behrakis - Facebook review

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