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When you decide to build your dream home, there’s one word you’re looking for: perfection! The house you will create must be flawless from the first moment you walk in: fully secure, built to the highest standards, comfortable, energy efficient and fully functional. Mecha Engineering is the company you are looking for and can trust.

Why choose us for the construction of your house

1) Goal. We create high-quality buildings, always considering the needs for safety, comfort, performance, wellness and functionality.

2) Experience. Our company consists of experienced engineers and top professionals in the construction industry, able to cope with even the most complex projects.

3) Trust. One of our company’s engineers fully undertakes your project so that he has the sole responsibility for the work. In this way, we eliminate the transfer of responsibilities, misunderstanding and lack of coordination.

4) Detailed costing. In the construction industry, there is ambiguity about the final cost. With our detailed and realistic offer, we make the final cost clear from the start.

5) Update. Every 15 days we create the project control form to update you about the progress and schedule of the works.

6) Consistency. We fulfill our every commitment to always have fully satisfied and happy customers.

Building your dream home is a matter we take personally! For us, houses are not only made of building materials but also of love and attention to detail.

We build Top Energy Efficiency Homes

At Mecha Engineering we make sure that you have the lowest possible costs for heating or cooling your home. How we do it:

  • We use top quality materials for external thermal insulation
  • We install heat-switched frames with zero thermal permeability and energy-saving glass, always with the necessary certificates.
  • We choose the heating and cooling system correctly (flooring, fan coil, etc.)
  • We add energy compaction with photovoltaics through the net metering program

The steps of our cooperation




Register your needs with an engineer at our offices




Presentation of cost estimate and construction schedule estimate



Detailed costing based on the issued building permit



Construction and project supervision according to approved plans




Turnkey project delivery within a predetermined schedule

Stages of House Construction


The first phase of the reconstruction is particularly important as the foundations of the house will be laid, which will be the most important factor for the general safety and durability of the building.


The first and very important stage in house construction is to make a proper study. A proper study does not only ensure the aesthetic part of the building. The static, electro-mechanical and energy studies ensure the anti-seismicity, the correct location and adequacy of the electrical-hydraulic installations as well as the energy footprint of the construction respectively. All these studies are very basic in the development of the entire construction.


Our company will then proceed with detailed planning and estimation of the delivery time as well as a financial offer. The cost table will be drawn up and the project schedule will be defined based on realistic delivery times for materials and services.

Project start – Cleaning – Earthworks

The start of the project is defined by the cleaning and demarcation of the construction plot. Before the excavations, we want the area clean so that with the help of the surveyor we can determine the excavation points as well as the boundaries of the plot. Site fencing and project signage are installed, and then foundation excavation and backfilling begin.


In the last stage of the first phase, the floor of the pit is laid with cleaning concrete. With the help of the surveyor, we mark the pillars and the walls as defined by the static study points. Then the load-bearing frame of the building is made of reinforced concrete.

Tip: In all phases of concreting we take concrete samples which are sent to a special laboratory for testing. The results show us the real quality of the concrete, so they give us confidence in construction safety.

Electrical – Hydraulics of the first stage

At the same time as the concreting, some electrical and plumbing works also begin. Foundation grounding is being installed and possibly some plumbing in the basement.

Tip: It is important to leave «passages» for plumbing and gutters when concreting. This will ensure the quick work of the plumber in the future but also the protection of the entire structure from strong impact loads.


χτίσιμο σπιτιού με τούβλα


The second phase of building a house starts with the construction of the external and internal masonry that forms the external and internal layout of the house.

Plumbing – Electrical

After the masonry construction, the plumbing works begin. The water supply and drainage system, the gutters of the building, as well as the heating system are being constructed. In the electrical department, we make the necessary connections and install pipes that accommodate strong and weak currents.

Tip: Plumbing and electrical works are among the most important works of a new building. The pipes that will be installed in this phase of the project will be covered by flooring and plasters and it is very likely that they will not be seen again for many years.

False frame

Very important is the placement of the false frame, the elevator doors, and the marble sill. In this phase, we essentially decide the final heights of the floors and the thickness of the fillings.

Tip: In order to install false frames and marble sill, we must have chosen the type and model of the frame to be installed.


The second phase of the project ends with the plastering of all internal walls. With plastering we achieve the flatness of the walls and ceilings.  

Tip: The changes after the plastering stage will cost us dearly! So we should do a very good check if everything has been done according to plan and if anything has been forgotten.


Waterproofing – Thermal insulation

The third phase starts with the insulation work. The roof is thermally insulated and waterproofed and then the external masonry id thermally insulated.

Tip: Also, these works are very important because they ensure the waterproofing of the building as well as the beautiful final appearance.


The next installation will be that of frames. Frames will be installed in all openings.


The electrical work continues with the passage of the necessary cables for sockets, lights, alarm, networks, etc.

Floors and tiles

The third phase of the building is completed with the installation of internal floors and the installation of tiles in the bathrooms. With the end of the third phase, the residence has taken its final form.


The fourth and final stage of construction is that of completion. The most important tasks are the following:


In this phase, kitchens, wardrobes, internal doors, security doors are installed.


Then the electrical works are completed with the installation of sockets, lights and connection of electrical devices.


Sanitary ware, bathroom furniture as well as battery and kitchen sink are installed and connected.


Finally, the house is painted in the colors you want and after the final checks we are ready to move in!

House Construction Cost

After you have decided to build the house of your dreams, you will probably ask yourself: “How much will all this cost me? “. It makes perfect sense to want to calculate the capital you will spend before you start building your house. In general, building a house is one of the most economical solutions (compared to buying a new house or buying and renovating an old house). However, the final construction cost will depend on your own choices.

The factors that affect the house construction cost:

  1. Partner selection

The construction company you choose is important not only for the safety, efficiency, stability, functionality and comfort of your home but also for the final construction cost. The team you will choose should be responsible and reliable, with great experience and knowledge in the construction industry. The contracting company is also the one that will be able to keep the costs low and not exceed the pre-agreed. Cooperation with the architects and engineers is very important to keep the budget at reasonable levels, to avoid unnecessary expenses and to save money in some cases if possible.

  1. Location – Plot location

Each location has a different average construction cost per sq.m. since in remote areas it is reasonable for the construction cost to be higher. The location of the plot is also a factor that will determine the construction cost. For example, any neighboring properties, high voltage lines or existing buildings, can unexpectedly increase indirect costs and the total cost of construction.

  1. Terrain

The terrain also plays a role in how much it will cost you to build your home. Unstable or rocky terrain, aquifers and streams are likely to increase costs.

  1. Construction materials

In the selection of construction materials you should listen to your Engineer. His suggestions usually make sense without being swayed by trends and fashion. The construction materials should be tested as you are going to spend decades in the house and not just a few years. Finally the engineer will advise you how you can reduce construction cost.