Exterior Home Renovation Work

Renovating the exterior of your home can be an exciting experience that enhances its curb appeal and increases its value. From painting walls and repairs to installing – upgrading exterior lighting, there are many jobs that can be done. Below we will look at some of the most common tasks performed during an exterior home renovation.

Roof insulation
Roof insulation is the best investment you can make if you want to save money that you would spend on heating or cooling the house as you will be able to pay back this money in a short period of time. It protects your home from the adverse weather conditions it faces and prevents the appearance of mold.

External insulation
The thermal insulation of all the walls of the house from the outside will offer us significant benefits in saving energy and will also repair the facades of the house. Also with external thermal insulation we can create interesting decorative elements that will renew the external appearance of our house.

Painting and repairs to the exterior of the building
If we do not install an external thermal facade system, it would be good to repair old cracks or oxidation in the reinforcement and then, after plastering these surfaces, proceed with the exterior coloring of the house.

Installation and upgrade of external lighting
An important factor in choosing the right lighting fixtures that will highlight the exterior of your home is the color but also its angles. The decorator in collaboration with the electrician will undertake to find together the ideal solution for you.

Installation of gutters
The installation of gutters on the outside of the house prevents the appearance of moisture on the walls. It is the most economical and effective solution to the proper maintenance of the roof of your house.

Installing a pergola
There are many types of pergolas that offer high aesthetics to the space and make it more functional. You can choose between wooden, aluminum, electric, pergotenda or metal according to what suits your space. It is placed on balconies, terraces, roofs, gardens and yards.

If you have decided that renovation is the ideal option for you, then you can contact us completely free of charge so that we can advise you and give you an offer based on your needs.

If you’re still undecided and want to find out more then we suggest you check out our home renovation page which has all the information anyone would want to know before getting started.

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