The Most Important Home Renovation and Construction Tip!

If you’re thinking of renovating or building from scratch in your home, you’re sure to hear or read a lot of advice. But there is one that in my opinion is the most important of all and it is the following:

Plan in detail and choose from the beginning everything that your new home.

And when I say everything I mean even the hook that will go into the bathroom that will hang your towel!

Below I will tell you 5 reasons that prove that this advice is the beginning of a successful construction. The 4th and 5th reason will convince you completely!


  1. Avoiding manufacturing errors

Many times we go to houses and see doors that don’t open properly, kitchen cabinets that hit each other, many times in unrelated places or even behind radiators, lamps that are not above the table in the wrong places. All of these have a common denominator. There was no plan and everything happened by chance never.



  1. Aesthetic effect

By designing and choosing the materials from the beginning, we are sure to avoid mistakes of an aesthetic nature. Many times we see options in the kitchen from a certain style and next to the living room something from a different style. In the end we end up with a house without style.. The only way to deal with this issue is to see with the help of 3D visualizations our options to understand what “kicks”.


  1. Completion time

A very important reason is that of time. We all want to finish the work quickly so we can move into our new home. This will not happen our dream kitchen has a 3 month delivery and we want it next week. The work and materials in a construction are like a chain, the lack of a link does not let us move forward at the speed we want

  1. Price

One of the most important reasons to choose what we want to do in the first place is the cost. And the issue of cost is analyzed in 2 parts. The first part is to find out before starting the work how much what we have in mind will cost us. None of us want to be left with an unfinished house because we didn’t do good planning. The second part of the cost is the extra costs we will pay by bringing back crews to fix any mistakes we made at the start of our build.

  1. No more excuses

The 5th and perhaps most important reason is to not leave the contractor with excuses for the end result. If we are not settled from the beginning about the design of our house, the contractor easily blames us for any mistakes or failures in time and cost. Having the plan agreed from the beginning there is no excuse not to get what we want.


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