Heat pumps: what to be careful of!

Much is heard and written about heat pumps. Are they as efficient and economical as they promise? Let us see in simple words what exactly heat pumps Aare.

These machines have been circulating in the Greek market for many years, we simply know them by the name “outdoor air conditioning unit”. The only difference is that instead of producing hot or cold air they produce hot or cold water.

This water can be channelled to the radiators we have or to the underfloor heating system. So we simply replace the heating system we have with the heat pump.

But beware! Most pumps on the market heat water up to 55-60 οC which is a low temperature for our home radiators. Consider that the oil boiler heats the water to 85-90 οC!

So are those who advertise heat pumps are trying to trick us? The answer is that if someone tells you that you will heat up just as well if you install a low temperature pump, they are probably fooling you! In this case, a new heating study should be done and some (or all) of the radiators of your house may need to be changed.

Of course, there are also high temperature pumps on the market that heat the water to 85-90 οC, so in this case you will not have any problems.

The advantage of all heat pumps is their terribly high efficiency. This makes them very economical compared to all other types of heating.

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