From 960€/m2




▹ Dismantling of existing bathroom / WC / tiles / sanitary ware / plumbing installations
▹ Dismantling of existing kitchen installations / cabinets / kitchen backsplash tiles 
▹ Dismantling of interior doors and closets
▹ Dismantling of existing floors 
▹ Dismantling of walls up to 12 sq.m. 
▹ Removal of used materials / debris
▹ Collection of rubble with funnels and bins 


▹ New internal hydraulic installation with multi-layer piping and water intake panel (collector)
▹ Drainage installation with 6ATM PVC pipes
▹ BRASS-FORM heavy-duty general and angle switches BRASS-FORM 
▹ Manometric piping check under pressure of 6 atmospheres 
▹ Pressed water supply fittings 
▹ Installation of sanitary ware & accessories 

Masonry – Ceilings 

▹ Plastering on dismantled surfaces 
▹ Plastering in the repairs of electrical installations 
▹ Construction of new masonry from double plasterboard with insulation (2 + 2) or Alfablock or bricks up to sq.m. 
▹ Construction of plasterboard ceiling in the living room – kitchen
▹ Construction of plasterboard beam to hide the hood pipe 
▹ Restoration of gypsum margin
▹ Placing a plater margin on the bathroom ceiling or waterproof plasterboard ceiling 

Heating system

▹ Installation of low temperature heat pump DAIKIN Altherma 
▹ Installation of  Fan Coil DAIKIN heating and cooling system 
▹ Installation of a new electronically programmable room thermostat 


▹ Design and complete reconstruction of a bathroom 
▹ Tiling of  walls and floors (cost of tiles up to 25 euros / sq.m.)
▹ Shower with stainless steel glass or cast iron bathtub 
▹ Sink and bath faucets built-in IDEAL STANDARD / GROHE or equivalent 
▹ Special structure bathroom furniture made of wood and Corian surface
▹ Built-in cistern GEBERIT 
▹ IDEAL STARDARD hanging toilet with Soft close seat 
▹ Supply and installation of a new bathroom radiator (towel rail)
▹ Complete set of bathroom accessories 
▹ Selection of all the above materials by the owner 


▹ 3D kitchen design 
▹ Kitchen counter and back made of CORIAN 
▹ Lacquered kitchen doors 
▹ Inner boxes in 3 colors 
▹ Stainless or synthetic sinks with one or two troughs that cover every need 
▹ Brake mechanisms in all drawers and kitchen doors 
▹ IDEAL STANDARD sink faucet with shower or equivalent 
▹ Aluminum sink cabinet bottom and trash can 
▹ Hidden lighting under the cabinets with LED strip 

Armored entrance door

▹ Qualified shielded entry door by SIAMOS doors, productive type
▹ Heavy duty double reinforced adjustable hinges 
▹ Electro-galvanized double shielding sheet (1,25+1,25mm)
▹ Lock cylinder (navel) with patented non-copyable key 
▹ Gear lock with DEFENDER system 
▹ Partial steel safety opening (night latch) 
▹ Double soundproof foam rubber on door and frame 
▹ Veneer lining with pantographic designs 
▹ Wide eye 180 degrees 

Electrical Installations

▹ Total new house electrical installation
▹ Electrical panel replacement 
▹ Supply and installation of PARADOX alarm
▹ Alarm wiring and installation of traps in the frames 
▹ Air conditioning lines in all rooms
▹ TV-SAT lines in all rooms 
▹ DATA network lines 
▹ Installation of electrical kitchen appliances 
▹ Owner selection circuit breakers 

Interior doors

▹ Opening pressed doors
▹ Knob and lock included 
▹ Frame made of white wood 
▹ Plywood frame and sill material 
▹ 3 heavy-duty adjustable hinges 
▹ Attic door with the same upholstery 
▹ Oval or square frame 
▹ Lacquer painting or veneer lining with pantographic designs 


▹ Laying of cement mortar in the required spaces 
▹ Installation of semi-solid wood floor throughout the house (except bathrooms)
▹ Balcony flooring with certified tiles / granite tiles (cost up to 20 euros / sq.m.)


▹ Closets in each bedroom 
▹ Leaf mechanisms and internal chest of drawers with brakes 
▹ Built-in wardrobes from floor to ceiling 
▹ Colored melamine boxes 
▹ Exterior wardrobe sheets melamine / bakelite of owner’s choice 


▹ Application of two coats of trowel with ready putty Knauf Sheetrock Super Finish 
▹ Application of micronized acrylic primer 
▹ Application of two or three coats of VIVECHROM ecological paint or equivalent
▹ Exterior colouring on the balconies 
▹ Suggestions of color combinations 
▹ Free choice of colors by the owner 

Exterior Aluminum frames

▹ Replacement of all external frames with EUROPA certified aluminum, thermal break, frames
▹ White electrostatic paint 
▹ Double soundproof windows with a total thickness of 20mm
▹ Sliding shutters or electric shutters 
▹ Bathroom opening window with recline and screen 
▹ Screens in all frames 

Construction supervision

▹ Specialized crews of all specialties 
▹ Supervision by an engineer throughout the construction of the project 
▹ Project design and 3D design
▹ Weekly project progress report 
▹ 3 years construction warranty on all works