Executive Superior Deluxe
Dismantling of existing bathroom and kitchen
Dismantling of interior doors and closets
Dismantling of existing floors
Dismantling of walls up to 12 sq.m.
Dismantling of floor cement mortar
Collection of rubble with funnels and bins
Masonry – Ceilings
Plastering on dismantled surfaces
Construction of plasterboard beam to hide the hood pipe
Placing a plater margin on the bathroom ceiling or waterproof plasterboard ceiling
Construction of plasterboard ceiling in the living room – kitchen for spot lights
Construction of plasterboard ceiling with design for hidden lighting
Construction of new masonry from double plasterboard with insulation (2 + 2) or Alfablock or bricks
New internal hydraulic installation with multi-layer piping and water intake panel (collector)
New hydraulic installation for solar water heating
Installation of sanitary ware & accessories
Heating system
Replacement of radiators with new type of panels of European origin
Installation of a new individual gas boiler DAIKIN or oil boiler
New single-pipe network of radiators
Installation of low temperature heat pump DAIKIN Altherma
Installation of Multibeton underfloor heating system or DAIKIN Fan Coil
Commissioning of the new heating system
Large variety of bakelite doors
Large variety of polymeric or acrylic doors
Semi-solid, solid, glass kitchen doors
Large variety of ecological bakelite benches
Kitchen counter and back made of CORIAN or quartz
Stainless or synthetic sinks with one or two troughs that cover every need
Hidden lighting under the cabinets with LED strip
Kitchen back cover with tiles
Bathroom - WC
Tiling of walls and floors
Tiling of walls and floors with forged cement
Shower with stainless steel glass or cast iron bathtub
Sink and bath faucets
Built - in sink and bath faucets
Bathroom furniture
Special structure bathroom furniture made of solid wood and substandard sink or built-in bench with cabinet composition
Complete set of bathroom accessories
Supply and installation of a new bathroom radiator (towel rail)
Electrical Installations
Total new house electrical installation
Electrical panel replacement
Alarm wiring and installation of traps in the frames
New electrical plan
Installation of electrical kitchen appliances
Air conditioning lines in all rooms
DATA network lines
Supply and installation of PARADOX alarm with remote control system via internet
Owner selection circuit breakers
Interior doors
Interior doors laminate
Interior doors laminate or semi solid
Interior doors Lacquer painting or veneer lining with pantographic designs
Attic door
Armored entrance door
Armored entrance door laminate
Armored entrance door with extra armor and veneer lining
Flooring with certified tiles ή laminate
Installation of semi-solid wood floor in the bedrooms
Installation of semi-solid wood floor throughout the house (except bathrooms)
Opening door closets in each bedroom
Sliding closets in master bedroom
Sliding closets in each bedroom
Application of two coats of trowel with ready putty Knauf Sheetrock Super Finish
Application of two or three coats of VIVECHROM ecological paint or equivalent
Exterior colouring on the balconies
Special painting techniques in the bedrooms
Exterior Aluminum frames
Replacement of all external frames with EUROPA certified aluminum, thermal break, frames
Replacement of all external frames with EUROPA certified aluminum, thermal break, frames with heavy duty mechanisms
Construction supervision
3 years construction warranty on all works
Project design and 3D design
Weekly project progress report
Interior design service