4+1 Decorating tips

A few small interventions in your space can make a difference. Knowing a few little secrets can transform a narrow and chaotic space into one that is organized and serene, to create a sense of order and balance.

1. Do not start without a plan 

The red corner sofa caught your eye at first sight but now that you got it you realized that it is huge! So, you should probably move the TV or get a smaller coffee table to let the sofa fit … Before we hack into the shops for our new furniture it would be good to measure very well the spaces we have so as not to create a suffocating condition from the furniture we will choose. A useful tip is to buy some cardboard boxes so that we can easily create the volume that the new furniture that we will choose will occupy in our house.

Χωράει ο καναπές;

2. Let the house breathe 

Many people are obsessed with collecting various objects and decorative accessories to the point that it makes difficult to move around your home. Apart from the fact that to hang all the frames you have on the walls you will open an equal number of holes and destroy the wall, it will be good to know that the overcrowding of objects in the space causes lack and distraction of the attention of our guests.

Οχι πολλά διακοσμητικά

3. Lighten up!

Lighting is a particularly important factor in decoration. Try to allow natural light to enter your space. A mirror opposite a window or a balcony door will enhance natural light sources. In terms of artificial lighting, it would be good to have different sources in one space. Use hidden lights and dimmers to achieve the right intensity of light in your space.

Φωτισμός χώρου

4. Dare it

Combining furniture or objects in the same color palette is tedious. It does not matter if the table you like does not fit your rug. Paint an accessory or paint a wall in a more intense color than you are used to. The liveliness and energy that your space will acquire is something that will surprise you.

Χρώματα σε σαλόνι

5. Make your space functional

The sofa you saw in the magazine is genuinely nice and at a good price, but will you never use it because it is uncomfortable? Do not be fooled by a magazine image and fill your home with things and furniture that are not functional. An item to be used will prove it deserved its money very quickly.

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