5 Smart tips for decorating your kitchen

The kitchen area is not only a cooking area but is often the center of the house. In many houses it is used as a dining area or living room. Therefore, it must be a space comfortably designed. Here are some solutions to make your kitchen take a different shape and have a positive effect on your psychology and creativity. First, we need to mention that a place to be relaxing must be clean, tidy and have removed all unnecessary decorative items, which make a space heavy and tedious.

1. Workbench, sink

Γρανιτένιος νεροχύτης

An easy and not expensive solution is to change the workbench and the sink. The sink is generally one of the most eye-catching items. You can choose one according to your needs and taste and combine it with a modern workbench. There are bakelite counters or if your finances allow you can choose corian or granite material.

2. Cabinets

Γυαλιστερά πορτάκια κουζίνας

Cabinet change. You have many options to choose from. First, you can remove some of their doors and paint the interior with bright colors to change the style of the kitchen. You will gain comfort and elegance. Second, you can change the exterior color of the cupboard doors with another color. Third, stencil or sticker designs can make your closets modern. Fourth, change knobs. If your finances are such that they do not allow many changes you can simply change the knobs on the doors and drawers. It is one of the details that is easy to notice.

3. Lighting fixtures 

Φωτιστικό κουζίνας

Changing the luminaire changes not only the look of the kitchen but also its lighting. Maybe the new luminaire you choose will give more light to the space. There are also various led strips, which do not cost much, are easy to install and are used as an auxiliary light above the workbench or as hidden lighting.

4. Blackboard

Blackboard σε κουζίνα

It is smart and impressive to place the blackboard on one of the kitchen walls. Turn one of your walls into a blackboard and make a note of this weekly menu or let your children paint what makes them happy. Instead of a blackboard you can paint the wall black, which will have almost the same effect.

5. Decorative items 

Διακόσμηση κουζίνας

You threw away unnecessary items, tidied up, cleaned, painted walls, changed countertops or cabinets and what remains now, is to add a few touches that will give color, personality, style, elegance to your space. It is often difficult to run to the shops and buy decorations. So what you can easily do is use old items. How? Easy and low cost. If you have visible shelves you can decorate your spice jars with signs or ribbons. Hang old kitchen utensils or dishes on a large and free wall, so your kitchen will acquire a retro style. Old wine bottles can be used as decorative vases. If you want, you can paint them with some color and put in each of them one – two of your favorite flowers. The flowers will give a feeling of freshness in your space and cause well-being. Do not be afraid to play with materials and colors. Let your imagination run wild and the result will be positive.

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