7 steps before a renovation

Well done! After thinking about it for so many months, you finally decided to do the renovation of your house that you have always dreamed of! But before you start, it is important to pay attention to the following points.

1. Think about where you will stay 

It is certain that your friends will be so happy to have you around.

The renovation works contain a lot of noise, dust and unusual smells. Besided there is a case that you do not have water or electricity in the house for some days. So it’s good for the duration of the renovation, to “load” on a relative or friend. And do not worry .. The time will come when you will repay the favor.

2. Work with a plan 

No need for it to open more…

Many times we see constructions that we would gracefully characterize as not so successful. A good plan will save you from possible failures and extra costs to correct the wrong doings.

3. Make a budget 

Προυπολογισμός: Περισσότερα έσοδα και λιγότερες δαπάνες το 2018 - dimosio.grLook after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves…

An especially important part is the right renovation budget. There are very nice and impressive materials that we see in magazines around but unfortunately their cost is extremely high. It is also equally important to know the final cost from the beginning so that we do not end up with a half-finished job because we ran out of money. However, with proper planning, we can leave some minor tasks for the future.

4. Consult a specialist 

Be careful because Tsakonas is waiting!

You will surely think that this point would not be missing from the blog of a technical company. But as with all things, the right professional will make the difference. He will be the one who will create the planning, the budget, the time planning, he will suggest ideas for your spaces and he will be responsible for the whole project. Finally the most important! He is the one who will solve any problem you have without trying to pass it on to someone else.

5. Decide on the style

Priorities are not the same for everyone!!

Collect photos that you like! Plow the internet and find houses you admire. These photos are valuable for the decorator to understand your tastes from the beginning.

6. Get quotations 

An important part of the renovation is finding a company or workshop to take over the work. As in all things, so in renovations, prices are not stable and depend on many factors such as the quality of materials and work, consistency, and reliability, etc. So, talk to the technicians, tell them what you want and trust the right one!

7. Obtain the necessary permits 

Finally, the point we all forget. Issuance of the necessary work permit. Many times, our customers ask if it is necessary to get a license. The legislation of our country stipulates which projects need a license and which do not. Ask your engineer to explain. Nevertheless, what is certain is that we should declare our work to IKA for the necessary stamps and our protection in case of an accident.

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