Damage and renovation

 The word “renovation” means I reconstruct my space by repairing anything worn out, talking about either a house, an office or partly for a building renovation on an external or internal basis.

When the damage of a house occupies most of it, then the renovation is urgent.

Proper home remodelling, however, involves multiple studies: it is a coordination of activities by the construction company that undertakes the project.

In the foreground:

  • The autopsy of the space, the photography, the recording of needs.
  • The drafting of a proposal that may include a detailed financial budget, sketch, complete architecture and electromechanical study, photorealistic plan, etc.
  • The control of the legality of a property that usually includes the control of the existence of arbitrary constructions, the investigation of the possibility of operation of the desired professional space according to the regulation of the apartment building and the use of land etc.
  • The issuance of work permit, business license, change of use license, etc ..
  • The execution of tasks.
  • Full post-delivery support

Then follows its processing after consultation with the customer.

Essential information in the proper management of a renovation is the age of a property that will be renovated and therefore if it is over 30-35 years old there are some key points to look out for. In case of general renovation, it is certain that your plumbing, ie the water supply network and possibly the floor pipes in your bathrooms will have to be changed. Also, the power supply panel must be modernly structured to provide you with safety. Exterior windows should be changed if you want to have a better environment inside your home away from too much heat and cold respectively, something that will immediately benefit your pocket as well.

Home remodeling companies follow a clear schedule based on the needs of the house. They focus on functionality, quality and finally economy. After all, cost is what matters most!

If all this helps, given the excellent quality and scientific training of human resources, the customer can only trust the construction for the modifications he wants in his area such as:

  • aluminum frames
  • heating installation
  • new plumbing
  • sanitary tiles
  • change to ports
  • floor repair
  • roof waterproofing with tarpaulins

But what matters most in a home renovation is the right study:

The study and design of the space is the first and most important step for the renovation of the house. From the simplest construction to a radical renovation, the study of the space gives a complete picture of both the result and the cost.

  • architecture study
  • topographic study and design
  • expert supervision

For example, renovating a kitchen requires the following:

The design and construction of kitchen furniture as well as its general space, renovation of kitchen sanitary ware, control of windows. Next, we move on to its interior design by experts.

In conclusion, we point out that we renewed our kitchen so we repaired its damage, we maintained it by rejecting the insecurity and at the same time we added the element of elegance!

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