Home refurbishment: what you need to know

You love your home no matter how old it looks or is. You have lived beautiful moments in it. But many times, you feel like you are drowning. You feel the walls weigh down and you avoid inviting friends. Returning from work you do not calm down, but you feel more tired since it looks messy or not so neat. And the worst???? You cannot leave it because nowadays it is not easy to buy a new home. However, you do not need to buy a new house because you can make your house look like new. In a word …. RENOVATION!

Give your space another a new feel. Fill it with new colors and furniture. Create a comfortable space for you but also for those who live with you. Live in an environment that inspires you with peace, joy and confidence. And now that I have woken up your imagination and you came up with ideas, you also might be wondering how you can manage to create a harmonious space. Or which people should you address to. Cost is also a big worry.

The secret to creating a beautiful and comfortable home lies in choosing the right person to assist you. Choose an engineer with experience in construction because this will save you time and money. He will see your space, and propose ideas and solutions, according to your wishes and needs. He is the one who will study and design, will get in touch with construction crews, but will also supervise the whole process. It is the most important step to start renovating your home, as you will have an accurate picture of the result, the work and the cost.

Cost wise, unfortunately, I cannot give a clear answer, because each case is different and it is influenced by several factors such as how many square meters your house is, what damage it has (if any), what materials will be used, the degree of difficulty project and what you will decide to change. For example, the cost increases if you want to do a complete renovation and decreases if you want to do a partial one.

A complete renovation is considered the renovation during which changes in the use of spaces are made, new openings are created, new flooring is installed, aluminum, new plumbing and electrical, insulation works or even room extensions are done.

Partial renovation is the one the sanitary ware, interior doors, frames, kitchen furniture are changed. In short, they are works of limited extent. Finally, if your house has new frames, furniture, sanitary ware and the spaces are completely comfortable as they are arranged, you can simply decorate it. You can change its style by buying new lighting fixtures, fabrics or furniture and paint your walls a different color.

Caution!!!! Imperfections cost, so the choices of craftsmen and materials must be carefully taken !!

Did you know that……..

Laminate flooring, while it has the same look as a wooden floor, has more available shades and its cost is almost half of a wooden one.

A mirror makes a space look bigger and brighter, because it reflects light

Aluminum frames in colored or wood type are more expensive than white ones.

Marble is more expensive than tiles.

In areas with high humidity, insulation must be applied before painting.

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