Kitchen counter: what should I choose?

The counter in a kitchen is an especially important element of both decoration and practicality. We will see the options that exist with their advantages and disadvantages and of course their cost.

Bakelite countertop

The most cοmmon kitchen counter. We can spot it in 90% of kitchens and it is essentially a material that consists of bakelite sheets glued to chipboard. Bakelite is a synthetic material so it gives us flexibility in the final look that our bench will have. So, it can be imitation of cement, wood, marble or whatever we imagine. Its advantages are the variety of choices in color and design, its economical price and ease of installation and use as its non-absorbent surface makes it ideal for kitchen applications. Its disadvantages are its sensitivity to hot utensils and sharp objects that can cause irreparable damage. Price 25-70 euros per current meter of 60 cm. Available in thicknesses of 2 to 6 cm.

  Κλασικός βακελιτικός πάγκος κουζίνας Classic 4 cm bakelite countertop

Marble countertop

The marble is a timeless material that we usually find in slightly older kitchens. Nowadays it has been replaced by Quartz and Granite which have much less sensitivity to the main disadvantage of marble which is absorbency. If an acidic material is left, for example lemon or a material with a color such as beetroot or red wine, it is highly likely that they will change the color of the marble countertop, making it the least popular choice nowadays. In its positive elements we will find the possibility of repair as it can be rubbed and repaired as well as its durability in hot utensils. Also, its appearance if we maintain it properly offers a luxury that we do not find in other materials. Price 250 € -500 € per current meter of 60 cm. Usually available in thickness of 3 cm.

Μαρμάρινος πάγκος κουζίναςMarble kitchen island countertop

Quartz or Granite countertop

The most common question is what the difference between them is. So, their difference is that granite is a 100% natural product while quartz is an artificial product that is of course produced from natural materials. That is why granite as well as marble cannot be ordered in exactly the color we like as it is produced by nature! However, quarries often produce large batches of almost the same product, so we can have a single result in our kitchen. Quartz on the other hand is made by compression at high temperature and pressure of granite fragments and mineral fibers. In this way we achieve various colors such as the absolute white that can not be found in other natural material. Both materials, however, remain porous and therefore vulnerable to acidic materials and foods or beverages with intense colors. Its advantages are the cold feeling that many adore as well as their great resistance to scratches and high temperatures. Both materials can be renewed on the face by rubbing them with special machines. Price 350 € -600 € per current meter of 60 cm. Usually available in thicknesses of 2 to 6 cm.

Πάγκος κουζίνας απο χαλαζίαBlack quartz kitchen countertop and back

Pressed cement mortar countertop

Pressed cement mortar is an immensely popular practice nowadays and is slowly gaining the public. This style is a very thin layer of cement mortar on a stable surface (eg plywood or marble) but has very good strength properties. The end result looks like a concrete bench but without the excessive weight of one. It also allows us to create elaborate designs due to its flexibility. Resistance to sharp objects and hot utensils is satisfactory. On the positive side we must mention the unique look of an island house that is intertwined with Greek culture. Price 150 € -200 € per current meter of 60 cm. Generally available in thicknesses of 2 and 3 cm.

Πατητή τσιμεντοκονία σε πάγκο κουζίναςKitchen with pressed cement mortar counters

Solid surface countertop (Corian DuPont, Kerrock, Staron)

A very popular solution for our company’s customers. More than 30% of the benches we install at MECHA Engineering are made of synthetic solid surface. The main advantage of this type of countertop is the perfect joint of countertop – back – sink in a final surface without joints. This surface does not accumulate dirt at the usual joints (tiles – countertop and countertop sink) so it is considered ideal for the increased degree of cleanliness it offers. Besides, its production started as a material used in surgeries. To its positive elements we will add its zero absorbency as well as the possibility to be repaired locally or even to add or remove pieces of the countertop. Disadvantages include the moderate resistance to hot utensils as well as its stinging price. It is available in a variety of colors. Price 400 € -700 € per current meter of 60 cm. Usually available in thicknesses of 4, 5 and 6 cm.

Πάγκος απο Corian DuPondCountertop, kitchen back and sink by Corian DuPont

Natural wood countertop

One surface that wins the public nowadays is the bench made of natural solid wood. The warmth, look and feel that this material gives us cannot be compared to anything else. That is why wood is present in many variations in every home. To maintain it, we must take care of it with special cleaners and oils that keep the surface waterproof and clean. However, the wooden bench also has several negative points. Its resistance to sharp objects is limited, with hot utensils it is not a “friend” and its absorbency in case of lack of maintenance is increased. Another point that we must not forget is that wood is a natural material and can deform over time. Price 200 € -300 € per current meter of 60 cm. Usually available in a thickness of 4 cm.

Φυσικό ξύλο σε πάγκο κουζίναςkitchen island countertop in a rustic style

Countertop made of small and large tiles

The cladding of a countertop with our well-known tile is something we have seen in several houses. The result is a given as the tile offers a hard flat surface with many available shades and textures, with incredibly low absorbency and high resistance to both temperatures and sharp objects. The downside, however, was the relatively small dimensions that forced us to create a joint between the tiles. The joint is made of a material that is absorbent and not very durable. Joints often become shelters for dirt. Also, on the downside we can mention the sensitivity of the tiles at the edges that lead to frequent breaks especially with heavy utensils (pots etc). Nowadays the problem of small dimensions has been addressed. We now see tiles with dimensions of 2.40 meters or even 3.60 meters. This allows us to place a few pieces on a bench and then a few joints. It is a technique that is slowly gaining the public because it provides amazing imitations mainly of marbles (Calacatta, Nero Marquina etc.) without having to waste a fortune. Price 100 € -500 € per current meter of 60 cm. Usually available in thickness of 3 cm.



Ειδικός πάγκος κουζίνας απο πλακάκιαLarge tile countertop

MECHA Engineering does not undertake or supply exclusively kitchen counters. Our installations are made in the context of a complete renovation of your home. To see examples of installed kitchen counters you can visit our projects at the following link

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