Renovation of the bedroom is a pleasure

Renovating a bedroom is one of the most enjoyable tasks in a home renovation. Although it is not obvious, it can give real value to a property but also create a different feeling and give new life to the home.

The main challenge is to resist what we call a bedroom – storage. There is definitely a practical dimension, but a bedroom should breathe like a living room and have the required dose of style.

This means that the first step in renovating a bedroom is not the design but a clearing of our belongings. What can be found in the upper cabinets may surprise us. All these “come on, you never know when you might need it” that we never used. Their place is not in a bedroom but in the storage room.

From there on, we must use as a central point of the room which is the bed and base the design on it. The bed should be in the center, accessible from both sides, and determine the aesthetics of the space, the basic color palette.

Ανακαίνιση κρεβατοκάμαρας

This does not mean that everything should be the same color but the goal is to make combinations and contrasts. If, for example, we choose matching colors for the bedside tables and bed then we will be obliged to similar furniture for the rest of the space.

If we choose bedside tables that are not a set with the bed, this allows us further options whether they are carpets or armchairs. Classic trick is the different shades e.g. blue and their combination with the same second color e.g. black.

Contrasts are just as important. In a heavy dark wood bed we can put printed sheets to give a happy note.

The relationship between the wardrobe and the bed is also especially important. If it is in the same “woods” then the bedroom will be more like a hotel than a house. What we want is to break the uniformity in a creative way.

One point that many overlook is the color of the walls in the bedroom. Here we shoulg forget two things. White and very dark colors, whatever they are. We choose colors with vibrancy in soft shades. The living room wants colors that wake us up, the bedroom colors that calm us and relax us. A blue-green is much better than any shade of red, beige and brown are very commonly used.

If we have enough space then we could consider adding a small living room with an armchair and a table for moments of relaxation, or a vanity table for grooming. Especially the latter adds a lot of style and complements the functionality of the room. After all, grooming does not need to be done in the bathroom.

One of the options now given to relatively large bedrooms is the addition of a shower cabin. It is something we can consider although adding it to the bedroom means adding a significant cost to the renovation, due to the water and sewer lines that will have to be installed.

However, we should not be discouraged because a second shower in the house decongests the main bathroom for a large family.



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