Tiles or laminate flooring?

Often our customers ask our opinion regarding the choice of laying tiles or laminate in some areas of the house. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each case to help you make your own choice.

Living room tiles

Πλακάκια σαλονιου

The tiles are known to everyone, although in recent years the range of their dimensions has greatly increased. While we used to find tiles in dimensions 20 x 20cm, 30 x 30cm etc now we can find dimensions 30 x 90cm, 45 x 120cm, 120 x 120cm etc. Large tiles make large spaces look more imposing while there are cases that they can make a small space to look bigger.

Laminate flooring 

Δάπεδο απο Laminate


Laminate is a synthetic floor in boards which consists of particle board at the bottom and synthetic surface at the top. The synthetic surface is produced in many different colors that look like natural wood but also in more original designs. They are classified into durability categories depending on the use they are intended for (home or professional space) and are a very good solution to achieve the “warmth” of wood at a much lower cost.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each option.



♦  High durability

♦ They do not carve easily

♦  Easy to clean 

♦  Easy replacement 

♦  Variety of dimensions and colors


♦  Cold feeling

♦  Long installation time

♦  Joints get dirty easily (especially light-colored ones)



♦  Low cost 

♦  Quick installation

♦ Sense of wood with a much lower price

♦  Reusable 


♦  Sensitivity to moisture and scratches

♦  They require a flat floor before laying

♦   They are not repairable 

♦   Strange feeling when walking 

♦   Frequent damage from chairs 


Since we have mentioned each case’s advantages and disadvantages, you can more easily choose the floor that will best meet your needs.

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