What color suits my home?

By painting your house, you also paint your life. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color for any space.

One could say that the colors we like are the mirror of our soul. According to various research, it has been proven that every color radiates some energy. It consciously or subconsciously causes us some emotions. We choose what color clothes to buy, what color car, what color to paint our house and much more …. We all agree that it is quite important to decide what color to paint our house, since it is not easy to change it often, like a garment, but also because it is our personal space in which we want to feel comfortable in.

What does each color symbolize?

Red: it is associated with passion but not only. It radiates energy and dynamism. Combined with ochre, gold, silver, it can give a lordly feeling and a feeling of imposing space. Leading characters, eager for life, usually prefer it.

Green: good luck, calm and health. As a color of nature, it is distinguished for its relaxing properties, it causes concentration and a feeling of safety. Represents wealth. It can be paired easily with many colors. It is chosen by lovers of the countryside, generous and trustworthy.

Yellow: symbolizes the sun and as we know that the sun is a source of life and warmth. It creates the feeling of joy, tenderness and peace. People who choose this color are characterized as dreamy and resourceful.

White: purity, innocence. In the past it was the basic color in every home. It has the property of enlarging the space. It is chosen by people with artistic concerns.

Black: power and formality. It is a strong color and is usually used to emphasize details or emphasize adjacent colors.

Blue: calm, serenity, security and order. It pairs with light blue, white and green and exudes freshness in the space. It causes physical and mental relaxation, as well as increases concentration. It is usually preferred by the male population.

Brown: strength and reliability. As an earthy color, the space becomes warm, comfortable, safe.

Orange: is one of the most vibrant colors that evokes excitement, warmth and overactivity. It magnetizes attention. Lively and agile people prefer it.

Purple: wealth, wisdom and spirituality.

Fuchsia: ambition, daring, self-knowledge. It is usually preferred by girls.

Gray: calm, seriousness, quiet. It can be paired with many colors.

What should I look out for before choosing colors?

Below are some tips that will help you create your space with the colors you love but also that match your style.


  • Place in front of your yellow wall an old wooden piece of furniture that you already have.
  • Paint the wall of your apartment in tones of green and you will transfer to it the atmosphere of the countryside that you miss so much.
  • If the furniture you have is dark and old, paint the walls of the room in pale shades of blue or pink. You can even combine these two colors with one taking place on the wall and the other being the color of your curtain. The only sure thing is that this room will be reminiscent of spring all year round.
  • Combine blue with blue, sky with sea, in relaxation areas such as bedroom, bathroom and living room and thus convey the feeling of calm and serenity.
  • Place the red armchair that is so comfortable and you do not swap for  anything else, in front of a gray wall.
  • In bright rooms use bright colors, since the bright colors reflect more sunlight. It wil result in the room being even brighter.
  • If one of the rooms of your house is big enough and spacious, paint the walls with warmer or dark colors. This way the space will become cozier and warmer.
  • Give a different feel to the space by applying various styles on the walls of your kitchen or bathroom such as pressed cement mortar or kourasanit.
  • Do not choose to paint a rough wall with a light color, because the color will look darker than it is, since a rough wall does not reflect the sun like a smooth one.
  • Do not paint a wall that the sun hits, dark. Dark colors look brighter in dark places.
  • Avoid dark colors in the entrance area. Besides the fact that the space will look smalles, it will also convey a negative aura to your visitors.
  • Do not use brown or purple on very large surfaces. It will cause melancholy and depression.
  • Do not paint the wall of your dining room blue. According to various researches done by psychologists, the color blue suppresses the appetite for food, so in no case do we want something like this to happen to us or our guests.
  • Do not overdo it with the variety of colors when painting your house. There must be balance and harmony in your space.


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