What to avoid when decorating your home

Decoration is a purely personal affair. It has to do with your taste but also your mood. But sometimes we choose colors, fabrics or even decorative objects by being emotionally affected.

We do not want to be separated from an item because it reminds us of a pleasant moment or we want to place on the coffee table the gift of a dear friend even if it does not fit in the space. When we have exceeded the limit in our home, our most personal space becomes tedious.

It is especially important to choose fabrics, objects, furniture without neglecting their functionality but also without overdoing it. You have noticed that the minimal decoration or otherwise the simplest is also the most impressive.

Τοίχος με κάδρα

  1. Avoid placing photo frames on the bedroom wall. If you do, you will feel like you have several eyes on you. Place your photo frames in a neutral space of the house.
  2. Do not apply styles to the ceiling. They are considered quite outdated.
  3. Do not overdo it with plaid shades. Plaid looks quite elegant only if used on certain surfaces. For example, the tablecloth for the kitchen table is enough.
  4. Do not choose to paint large wall surfaces in bright shades.


  1. Do not hang aprons on the curtains. It is quite old-fashioned and we only find it in museum palaces.

Ενεργειακό τζάκι

  1. Do not place the TV near the fireplace, even if it ties very nicely visually into the space. You will only succeed in destroying your TV from the heat emitted by the fireplace.
  2. If you change aluminum frames, leave those in the kitchen without shutters. It is a place that needs light. You can place a curtain on the window or even better blinds, which will make your kitchen very modern. This way you will also save money!
  3. Do not paint your bedroom black or red. It is a powerful combination that does not help in relaxation and rest.

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